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Parents/Carers BYOD Information

This guide is to assist parents when choosing a suitable laptop for their child and includes information about policies, cyber safety, setup and support.
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Our students are from a highly digital generation and to prepare them for the future and their lifelong learning journey, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program at Tenison Woods College offers the opportunity to transform our learning environment to meet their future needs.

The Tenison Woods College BYOD Approach

Since 2014 we have extended an invitation to families/students in Years 8-12 to bring their own device to school. In recent years the program has been expanded to necessitate students bring a suitable laptop for their learning needs for Years 7 to 12.

Providing a Suitable Laptop for Use At School

Students undertaking Years 7-12 at Tenison Woods College must now provide a suitable laptop to use at school. There will be a small number of devices for day loan in the Library/resource hub to accommodate student ICT needs and issues, although these loan devices will not be available for long-term use.

We urge families for whom this approach will cause significant hardship to contact Mr Neal Turley, Business Manager, to discuss your individual circumstance and how the College can support your family in this approach. 

Year 6 and 7 Students

With an expansion of the program during 2018, Year 6 and 7 teachers may also ask students in their classes if they wish to participate.
From 2021 Year 7 students must bring a suitable laptop for their commencement in the new Gilap Wanga Learning Community.


Benefits of the BYOD Program

BYOD encourages students to develop responsibility in the care and use of their own laptop. It is an expectation that when laptops are not being used in class, they will be stored securely by the students in their locker or a locked area. While all care will be taken, the College is not able to take any responsibility for the laptops brought into school. We will ensure that students are offered the safest possible environment for their laptop and welcome feedback in this regard from families.

  • BYOD enables us to consider new possibilities for our student’s personal learning journey.
  • BYOD promotes individual, self-directed learners who can find solutions to education problems.
  • BYOD provides an engaging learning environment for students to discover and explore their own learning journey.
  • BYOD supports anytime, anywhere collaborative learning environments.
  • ​BYOD is another way to improve student engagement, to interact with peers, to improve communication and to extend the place and time of learning, not restricting learning to the classroom.


Select the document below to view the full invitation and answers to common questions.

BYOD Information Flyer and Frequently Asked Questions

Tablet Capabilities in the Classroom

Laptop Capabilities in the Classroom

policy (Custom).jpg

Policies, BYOD Code of Conduct and Online Safety

Students and Parents should be familiar with the policies relating to BYOD, located on the 'policies page' below.

Policies Page

Be Cybersmart! Information for Parents and Carers

School BYOD Charging Facilities

Charger Electrical Testing and Tagging

BYOD guidelines.jpg

Minimum Requirements and Checklist

The BYOD program at Tenison Woods College requires that devices must meet minimum specifications and the below link provides a list of these requirements. Devices that do not have these capabilities will be unsuitable for use at school.

A checklist for parents to help choose a device is available at the 'Device Checklist' link.

Minimum Requirements and Guidelines

Antivirus Information

Protective Case Information

Device Purchase Checklist and Specification Recommendations

Warranty and Insurance


Purchasing a Device

Students can bring their current device if it meets the minimum requirements, or parents can choose to purchase a device from any retailer.
In either case, Microsoft Office does not require purchase and is available for free via the Portal@TWC page.

Parents can easily select a suitable laptop from the custom purchase portal, or choose an offering from local businesses such as Green Triangle Electronics, Harvey Norman or Grangeburn IT in Hamilton.
​Select the 'BYOD Purchase Portal' link for more information.

Free Copy of Microsoft Office for Students

BYOD Purchase Portal


BYOD Setup for Use at Tenison Woods College

Once you have a device, use the links below to follow some steps to setup your device for success at Tenison Woods College!

Steps to Setup Your BYOD

Headsets and Microphones


Further Questions and Support?

If you have any further questions about the BYOD program, please email the ICT department at or phone the front office on 08 8725 5455.

Support for ICT Problems

Temporary Loan Device Availability

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