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BYOD purchase checklist


Updated May 2021

The BYOD policy at Tenison Woods College allows parents and students to select a recommended laptop from the purchase portal, or use the below checklist to select something that is more customised, ensuring it meets the laptop minimum requirements.

Laptop lifespan

  • Laptops normally last 3-4 years.
  • 3 year warranty coverage guarantees the laptop to last at least this long and have any failures repaired. Further options can also include protection against accidental damage.


Look for:

  • Windows 10 Home/Pro or Mac OSX.
  • Screen size 11-14 inches.
  • Mid-range processor such as Intel i3/i5 or AMD Ryzen.
  • SSD storage - 256GB.
  • Memory (RAM) - 8GB.
  • Protective sleeve, case or bag.
  • Warranty - ensure the laptop is covered for at least 3 years.


  • Google Chromebooks or Windows '10S' devices.
  • Larger screen laptops use more power, so often have a lower battery life. May be beneficial for Graphic Design only. 
  • Laptops with less than 128GB of storage may not have the capacity to install Music Studies, Tech or Graphic Design programs.


Sub $600 laptops

  • ‚ÄčLess expensive Google Chromebooks or Windows 10S laptops are not recommended. These are often restricted by storage, warranty and the ability to install programs, as only apps installed from their respective app store will work.
  • They may not have the capacity to install needed software.

$800 - ‚Äč A suitable price point for mid-school students.

  • Purchase portal Windows laptops offer 3 year onsite repair warranty.
  • 128GB storage may be limiting for students undertaking electives that use specialist software e.g. Sibelius Music or Adobe Graphic Design software.
  • Example - AMD or m3 processor/128GB or 256GB  SSD storage/4GB or 8GB memory.

$1100  A standard price point for all rounder/senior students.

  • Standard mid performance laptop price.
  • Purchase portal Windows laptops offer 3 year onsite repair warranty.
  • Example - Intel i5 processor/256GB SSD storage/8GB memory.


  • Higher specification/quality laptops that often include enhanced graphics capabilities for elective subjects, such as graphic design.
  • Apple Macbooks have an additional charge to extend warranty past 1 year.

Home Internet access upgrade

As most services use the internet, consider an internet upgrade at home rather than a more expensive laptop.


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