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Headphones and Microphones



Headphones are commonly used in class and allow students to work on multimedia projects without affecting others around them.

Headphones with inbuilt microphones provide a better quality sound over laptop inbuilt microphones and work well with subjects such as Media Studies that rely heavily on voice recording.

Audacity and Microsoft OneNote are examples of tools used at school that benefit from microphones.


Audacity audio panel:

OneNote audio recording:



  • May be cheaper and many people often have them from phones etc.
  • ​Don't normally include a microphone.
  • Very easy to store.



  • Usually a better quality sound for the price.
  • ​Microphone options are often much better and can include noise reduction technology.
  • ​Can be more fragile and take up more schoolbag space over earbuds.


Common options found in stores:

GrangeburnIT - listed under accessories on the device purchase portal

​Logitech series - click here to open the Logitech website

​Harvey Norman - In-ear headphones




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