Studiosity - Help with homework


What is Studiosity?

Studiosity connects Australia's best and brightest educators to students during homework time.
This quick guide provides more information.

Students attending Tenison Woods College are able to access the Studiosity service free of charge.

Students can easily access the Studiosity site via the link in your SIMON learning space
The link from your SIMON learning space is the easiest method of entry, as it does not require an individual login account.

** Update - Once you succesfully log in via SIMON, you are unable to log in via username/password. This login method will be taken away in the near future**

Please Note:

If you are a first time user, you will be able to log in through SIMON without any errors.

If you have used Studiosity this year, you will be able to log in through SIMON.

Once you log in through SIMON, you are unable to log in with a username/password. You must continue to log in through SIMON.

If you have previously accessed YourTutor, but haven't logged on this year, you may be prompted for an activation code.

Please contact the ICT department to receive an activation code.
Once your account has been re-activated, you must log in through SIMON.