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Steps to setup your BYOD



Here are some steps to setup a device for use at Tenison Woods College.

Please take the time to read through this information, following the links to learn about the responsibility of owning and using a laptop and accessing the online world. 
We hope you find these steps (and the many other articles found on the site) helpful and pick up some useful tips along the way!

Starting out

  • When you first start a brand new laptop, you can create a free Microsoft or Apple account. You will have an option to skip this step. It is important to understand that this is a personal account, separate from your school login. This enables functionality (Apple iCloud or Microsoft OneDrive), and access to their retrospective app stores.
  • Remember your device login password. Write it down in a safe place if needed. Add a hint if prompted.
  • If available, connect to your home wifi, answer some simple questions and you should be ready to go after a couple of minutes!
  • Ensure your device shows the correct time and date, as incorrect date/time can prevent BYOD connecting to the school network. (link to article)
  • Make sure your device is ready to use and connected to the internet before continuing with the setup steps below.

To install Microsoft Office from the Office 365 page, you will need your school email address & school login password. You may have these from student orientation days.

If you require any assistance with your user account or logging in to Office 365, please use the 'Contact ICT Support' tab at the top of the page to log a support ticket with the ICT department.

Essential Setup Steps

Highlighted in red are some of the vital steps for setting up your BYOD.

Important links to Bookmark/Add to Favourites

The SEQTA and Portal@TWC web pages are your jump off points to all of the school's ICT services.

Ensure you set the SEQTA  ( and Portal@TWC ( pages as a bookmark or favourite in your internet browser.



Microsoft Office

Another must have! Microsoft office is heavily utilised during lessons at Tenison Woods College. Microsoft Teams is also included as part of office, or may be installed separately.

Install your free copy of Microsoft office from the Office 365 portal (link to article)
MS Teams (about Teams article)



Onedrive cloud storage

Store your files in the cloud. They autosave and are accessible from most internet connected devices.

More information link
How to setup your OneDrive cloud storage account  (link to article)
Connect Office 365 to OneDrive for direct saving to the cloud  (link to article)



Foldr is a great service that allows students BYOD access to personal and shared files located on the school file storage and OneDrive, without needing to log into a school computer or virtual desktop.
Foldr also provides students the ability to reset their school login password from their BYOD or any internet connected device such as a phone, if a personal recovery email address has been added (not school email address).

More information link
Transfer files between home and school (link to article)
Install the Foldr application on your device (link to article)
MACBOOK only -Fuse system extensions (link to article)
How to link Foldr to your school OneDrive (link to article)
How to reset your TWC password from your BYOD (link to article)



Linewize Internet filter certificate and app

Previously called Familyzone. A certificate must be installed on your laptop to use the school wifi internet.

Install certificate - Windows (link to article)
Install certificate - Mac (link to article)
Install certificate - iPad (link to article)


Enable Self-Service Password Reset

This tool enables students to reset their school password without having to contact a teacher or the ICT Department.

How to setup (link to article)
How to use (link to article)

School Wifi

How to connect to Tenison Woods College wifi network (link to article)

Antivirus for laptops

While antivirus could be listed as an essential item above, Windows 10 laptops include Windows Defender which has improved greatly in recent years.

Install antivirus on laptops  (link to article)

Have a backup strategy
Save to your school OneDrive and you will have backups covered. Plan for your laptop to fail as accidents happen.

Backup your work!  (link to article)
Saving your work.  (link to article)

Printing at school-using 'Papercut'
Students can add and print to the school printers from their device when connected to the Tenison Woods College wifi network.

More information link

File formats and sizes for work submission

Teachers cannot open every type of file. Students need to consider others they are sending information to.

Learn about file types used at school when sharing and submitting schoolwork.(link to article)

Email on your Laptop

Setup email direct to your laptop, or use webmail from the Portal@TWC page. The choice is yours.

Adding your school email account to your device (link to article)

Laptop charger electrical test and tag

All students wishing to charge their BYOD at school MUST have their charger and lead tested.

It's as easy as dropping your charge lead into the library on 'Test and Tag Tuesdays' before recess to have it checked. (link to article)

Optional free tools and applications

- Apps such as Audacity and ViVi

Check out this article which covers some commonly installed tools

Some important resource pages: (click the highlighted titles to open the articles)

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