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Office 365 - Self-Reset Student Password (How To)



*Important pre-note: TWC Students must setup a reset method PRIOR to reading this article. A guide can be found on the Portal Page (See Setup Article) on how to setup an Office 365 "Self-Service Password Reset".


Tenison Woods College students can reset their account passwords themselves by verifying their identity with any of the methods they have chosen to use beforehand.


You have probably seen the link when logging in and may have even tried it before, but recent changes have allowewd the ICT Department to enable the 'Forgot my password' link on the Office 365 sign in page. Once setup (See Setup Article), staff and students can reset their TWC password at school or home from most devices with an internet connection.



How to reset password using self-reset tool:

1. Attempt to login until you reach this page.


2. Select the 'Forgot my password' link.


3. Complete the security check (to prove you aren't a bot).


4. Select, complete and verify your recovery method or security questions.


*Important note: As stated at the top of the page, you MUST setup your secondary method PRIOR to viewing this guide. Thie TWC Portal Page has an article (See Setup Article) that shows you how to do it. You will need to contact a teacher or the TWC ICT Department if you cannot login to your account.*


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