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OneDrive - How to setup OneDrive


*Pre-note: As of 2020, OneDrive is the primary method of backing up your work at TWC. OneDrive (part of the Office 365 suite) is an invaluable tool for saving work as it removes any of the risks and struggles of physical storage. See the TWC Portal Page articles or see your teacher / TWC ICT Department for more information regarding OneDrive. *

OneDrive is a useful tool for backing up your work, this guarantees the recovery of work if the original is somehow lost.
But how do you setup your OneDrive?

 - OneDrive should be present on you device with your Office 365 apps, if you haven't downloaded the office 365 apps, follow the process listed here

Step 1 - Start by searching for OneDrive and opening it.


Step 2 - The Image on the left should appear on the centre of your screen, once it appears go through the sign in process entering your tenison email - (username)

If the image on the left doesn't pop up, you can select the OneDrive icon in the bottom right of your screen and select sign in as shown in the image displayed on the right.


Step 3 - Select where you want your OneDrive to be located on your C drive then press next.



You have successfully installed OneDrive onto your device.

Now next time you open file explorer you will see a OneDrive tab labelled with tenison Woods College along the navigation pane.


Now that OneDrive is present on your device, you can create backups of all your devices files and data, for more information select here

What if you have a personal account as well?

OneDrive is designed so that you can easily switch between personal and work accounts. You can also unlink and remove accounts on your BYOD as seen in this guide.


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