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OneDrive - Basics and Fundamentals



Gone are the days of USB’s and losing data; the days of seemingly endless cloud storage are here! With OneDrive at Tenison Woods College, students get access to 1TB of online storage (that’s 1000GB) for free! This guide shows you how to setup your school OneDrive and explains the fundamental concepts behind it.


Frequently asked Questions:


How do I get OneDrive?

OneDrive is included in the Office 365 suite (i.e. Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, Teams, etc). When downloaded, it should automatically sign you in. The TWC Portal Page has a guide on how to install it for most devices (PC, Mac, iOS and Android) which includes sign-in guides.


How do I upload and sync my files?

There are several ways to upload, synchronize and backup your files. You can see how on this guide on the TWC Portal Page.


What are the main settings and what can I change?

Microsoft has an in-depth guide that shows you what each of the settings do (some are more advanced than others).


What do the different icons mean?

The OneDrive icon has 3 different states. You can see on this Microsoft article what each icon means in detail, or briefly in the image below.


The App status icon is also shown in the taskbar on your computer. The same Microsoft article explains what each status icon means.


What if I have a personal account as well?

OneDrive is designed so that you can easily switch between personal and work accounts. You can also unlink and remove accounts on your BYOD as seen in this guide.


Can I link it with Foldr?

Foldr is integrated with OneDrive. The TWC Portal Page has an article here explaining how to do it.


For more information about OneDrive and Foldr, see our other articles on the TWC Portal Page:

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