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OneDrive - Backup Your Work!



Updated 15/06/2021

*Pre-note: As of 2020, OneDrive is the primary method of backing up your work at TWC. OneDrive (part of the Office 365 suite) is an invaluble tool for saving work as it removes any of the risks and strugges of physical storage. See the TWC Portal Page articles or see your teacher / TWC ICT Department for more information regarding OneDrive.*


Backing up your work allows you to restore files from a second copy if the original is lost.

When logged in at school or via XenDesktop, any work saved to your H: documents is backed up overnight and can be restored by R-Click - selecting 'previous versions' or by contacting the ICT department.


Why backups are so important

While very reliable, computers and tablets are complex machines and your work can easily be lost.
​Some examples include:

  • The hard drive in your computer fails
  • Files can become corrupted
  • Your computer is lost, damaged or stolen
  • A virus infects your computer and deletes or corrupts your files

Consider the ramifications of having to recreate your work, when there are many options to backup.


How you can backup your files

Never keep the only copy of backup files on the same computer as the originals.
Always backup your files to a separate USB device or cloud storage.


Cloud storage

              Office 365 (OneDrive)





             The Foldr App


  • Saved online to the school system.
  • Can be accessed from school and from home.
  • Fast, reliable and interlinked with OneDrive.


USB connected storage

promotional-usb-drive              USB Flash Drive


  • Extremely portable (tip..create a document on the USB drive with your name)
  • Lower storage capacity than portable hard drive
  • Inexpensive, from $10 for 8Gb
  • Tip..use these for backups or file transfer only. Don't trust the only copy of your work to a cheap device!


portable-backup-plus-slim-pc-270x270           A Portable Hard-Disk Drive


  • Portable, but much larger than a flash drive
  • High storage capacity
  • From $100 for 1-2+Terrabytes
  • Tip..Disk drives contain mechanical components and can fail when treated roughly. Use as a backup device or ensure you have more than a single copy of work.


For more information about OneDrive and Foldr, see our other articles on the TWC Portal Page:

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