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OneDrive - Saving options


Saving your work properly is extremely important. When files are not saved properly they can corrupted or lost, which ultimately means that you can’t access your work.

There are many different ways to save your work so that it is easy to be found and accessible when you need it.




OneDrive saves your work online so that you can access from different devices just by logging in. when using OneDrive you can also link your device to your account so that your work will be saved automatically.

For more information on OneDrive and how to access your school OneDrive account, click HERE




Foldr is an application that allows you to be able to access your work from school, home and BYOD. You are able to access the same folders that are available to you when you log onto a school computer (e.g. common general).

For more information on Foldr, click HERE  




The most common way of saving your work is locally. This means that it is saved to the device that you have been working on. Saving your work this way is very straight forward and your saved work can usually be accessed by opening your documents on that device.

If you are planning on saving your work locally, make sure that you have backups of your work. Backing up your work is important and helps to save your work if your computer crashes.

For information on backing up your work, click HERE




A USB is a portable place where you can save your work and they can come in a variety of different storage sizes.

It is recommended that you use a USB as a way of backing up your work and not for saving your only copy.



External Hard drive

External hard Drives are also a portable way of saving your work and are more reliable than USBs. They have a higher storage capacity and can be used for backing up your computer systems.

Once again we recommend that you use them to back up your work and not to store your only copy.


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