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Tenison Woods College has an exciting and vibrant music program. Hundreds of students are involved in classroom music, instrumental and vocal lessons, bands and choirs.

Students may wish to participate in one or more of the following performance groups.

A firm student commitment is required for these groups and students are expected to maintain that commitment to attend all rehearsals and performances.

These ensembles will undertake performances at the College and in the community as required.


A new choir for 2024 for all reception students. This exciting choir is laying the foundations for educational and entertaining musical experiences. The reception choir provides opportunities for students to participate in singing, movement, listening and being creative. 


A hugely popular choir for students in years 1 and 2. This choir has repertoire of music that is fun and engaging. Semester 1 is for all year 1 students and semester 2 is for all year 2 students. Rehearsals are once a week in class time for 40 minutes. 


An exciting choir available for year 3-4 students. Performing a mixture of contemporary and well-known tunes, this choir performs regularly. A ‘come and try’ session is held early in Term 1. Students join the choir for the full year. Rehearsals are once a week in class time for 40 minutes.


A popular choir that learns to sing in two-part harmony. These students compete locally in vocal competitions. A ‘come and try’ session is held early term 1 and students commit to choir for the full year.
The highlight for this choir is performing at the South East Primary Schools Music Festival in Term 4.


Graduating from the Year 5 Band Program, this ensemble is a perfect stepping-stone for a budding musician to continue to develop and explore their technical and performance skills, Containing woodsind, brass and percussion instruments, the ensemble will explore a range of musical genres. With fellow band mates all in the same year level, this is a great opportunity to develop and grow amongst fellow peers. 


The Tenison Woods College Showband is made up of students from Year 7 - 12, and is designed to be a fun learning and social environment for students where they receive instruction on playing various styles of music ranging from Jazz, Latin, Funk and Rock. Students will experience being a part of an ensemble made up of their peers, and will learn and grow together. This ensemble attends Generations In Jazz every year, which is a major highlight for all involved. 


The Tenison Woods College Concert Band is intended to provide those students graduating from Year 6 Band with an opportunity to continue to learn and grow on their instrument with their peers in an ensemble setting. However, Concert Band is still open to students from Year 7 - Year 12. In Concert Band, students will have a chance to play a variety of music, carefully selected to be fun, but also highly beneficial in challenging students to develop their skills on their chosen instrument. For students wanting to be a part of this ensemble, it is expected that they are having regular instrumental lessons. 


These ensembles allow students to work in a rock/pop group (vocals, keyboard, guitar, bass, drumkit) working and performing on contemporary music. They are seasonal and run based upon student interests and availability. 


Music is an integral part of Catholic celebrations. It can allow people to experience a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith. This ensemble of singers and instrumentalists will lead the College community in music for our Whole School Masses and
other Liturgical celebrations. The Liturgical Ensemble rehearses as needed leading up to events.


This is an ensemble for the saxophone enthusiast with an emphasis on musical accuracy and ensemble work whilst playing intermediate repertoire. Genres played are classical, modern and jazz. They rehearse during one lunchtime once a week.


This ensemble performs a variety of intermediate repertoire targeted at improving balance and technique for brass musicians, alongside others from the same musical family. This includes genres such as classical, choral, modern and marching styles. 
They rehearse before school once a week.


This ensemble consists of Year 7-12 students. This ensemble may compete in the ‘Generations in Jazz’ Festival. Students audition for inclusion in this ensemble.


This ensemble comprises snare drums, trio drums, bass drums and cymbals, and is available to students who play other instruments. This ensemble performs regularly. It rehearses after school each week. 


Due to the increase in interest from students to participate in drum corps, a second drum corps was developed.  Students in this ensemble do not have to be learning drums as the rhythm reading they learn in music class provides sufficient basis for this ensemble.


This ensemble performs in the Generations in Jazz competition and various other performances throughout the year. This choir performs in 3 and 4 part harmony. There is an audition. Senior Vocal Ensemble members are also involved in Boys and Girls Choir. 


Senior Boys Choir was created to give our male students an opportunity to perform together at Generations in Jazz. This ensemble will rehearse one lunchtime per week. Please contact Mrs Mansell if you would like to be involved. 


A voluntary choir for students in Poplars. Students sing contemporary and well-known tunes with an emphasis on participation, finding your voice and singing with others. 

Friends of Music

The Friends of Music Committee is comprised of parents, community members, student representatives and music staff. It is a committee that offers practical help and advice in supporting the College’s music students and faculty in many ways. 

This committee has helped to fundraise and purchase a grand piano, organised Carols by Candlelight and many fundraising opportunities as well as helping with concerts, camps, events and overseas tours. 

The committee members have the opportunity to give valuable insight and support into giving the music students as positive a music experience possible. 

New members are always welcome!  For more information please contact Penny Mansell on who will pass your details onto the chairperson.

Tenison Woods College respectfully acknowledges the Boandik people are the First Nations people of the Mount Gambier South Eastern region of South Australia and pay respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, past, present and emerging.