General Tips

Vivi - Give student control


Most Vivi's around the school are locked for student access, requiring a staff members permission to access.

There are some exceptions to this, where some do not require staff permission.

These include:

  • Gilap Wanga: Room 1 (Breakout areas 1 &2)
  • Gilap Wanga: Room 15 (Breakout areas 3&4)
  • PRC: Tutorial 1&2

The opportunity may arise whereby a teacher would like to display a students work for the class direct from the students device, or the student may wish to present a project.

The teacher can grant a student privileges by clicking Give Student Control.

This will;

- Present their device's screen
- Play a video direct
- Share links with the room


When the student has completed presenting, the student or the teacher can click the stop button.



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