General Tips

Teams - Video meeting for a class, group or individuals


Teachers can easily hold a video meeting with a class, group or individual student.

  • 'Meet Now' starts an instant meeting. This does not send invites to team members unless selecting the option to copy members. If the only person in the started meeting, the option to create a sharable link or invite others is displayed.
  • 'Scheduled' meetings can be created in the Teams calendar, an individual Team channel space, or in Outlook. Scheduled meetings appear in the Team channel space. Adding required and/or optional attendees will send an email request with a join link that can appear in the users calendar.

Handy information to know before creating a meeting:

Audio video settings     Prevent students from muting others     Record a meeting


Here are 4 methods to create a meeting, depending on the use case:

  1. Class

In the class teams space, select 'Meet now' or choose the drop down to 'schedule a meeting'. This will be available to ALL class members.
Teams members will NOT be sent an email invite unless added as a required or optional attendee in a scheduled meeting. 

  1. Create Private channel

This can be used if breaking students up into smaller groups and provides a chat space etc. for the members. Once created, start a meeting in the private channel.

  1. Teams Calendar

For individual meetings. Individuals or groups can be added as attendees. Can be started using the 'new meeting' or 'schedule' buttons
A sharing link is created when the meeting is saved and invites are emailed to participant/s.


  1. Outlook calendar-Teams button-including adding external/non-TWC attendees

In Outlook calendar, use the 'New teams meeting' button to create an appointment/meeting. You can add email lists, or external/non TWC individuals to the invite. An invitation with meeting link will be emailed to partipants.


Usage matrix

Meeting initiation method

Group or individual?

Meeting available to all class members?

Record of meeting chat?

In class team space

Can be either. Can start meeting and invite individuals.

Yes. Other class members can also see the ‘Join now’ button.

Teachers can see the conversation in their chat tab.

Create private channel in class team space

For a small group of individuals.

No, if private channel.

Yes, if Standard channel which includes all members of the overarching Team.

Yes, channel members can see the conversation.

Teams meeting calendar (preferred for individual meetings)

Individuals. Can choose the ‘meet now’ option or ‘new meeting’ to schedule a meeting and invite individual staff/students

No, appears on the student calendar only.

Yes, staff and students can re-open the meeting in the Teams calendar. The is a ‘chat’ tab at the top which shows the conversation.

Outlook calendar (preferred for meeting with multiple teams or external recipients)

Email group/s, or individuals. In Outlook calendar, can choose the ‘new teams meeting’ to invite staff/students/email groups and external email addresses.

No, appears on the invited calendar only, although the ‘join link’ can be copied into the other teams chat space.

Yes, staff and students can re-open the meeting in the Teams calendar. The is a ‘chat’ tab at the top which shows the conversation.

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