General Tips

Printing - Releasing jobs from Release Stations


Tenison Woods College utilises Papercut print management in an effort to reduce paper waste, increase document security and track usage.

Most high usage printers have a print release station along-side them that is used to release the print jobs from the queue.

There are 2 ways to release a print job.

Firstly, by releasing the job from the print station next to the printer.

1. Enter your Username - this will be your student number and click log in.

This will display your queued print jobs. Note: This will not display other students print jobs.

2. Click print next to the documents you wish to print or cancel for the jobs you don't.


3. The print station will now automatically log you out.

The other way to release jobs is from the computer you are printing from.

1. After you have sent the print job, click details on the papercut icon in the top right hand side on your desktop.

2. Log into papercut using your student number and password and click log in.

3. Confirm the job/s in your print queue and select either print or cancel.

Note: There is also a release all or cancel all option if you have multiple documents.

4. Your document will now print.



- Students cannot see other students print jobs

- The Confirm Cancel button may appear beneath the keyboard window. To access the button, drag the keyboard to te lower part of the screen to make it visible.

- Check the number of pages and cost that will be charged before selecting print.

- Cancelled print will not incur any charges.

- Unreleased prints will automatically cancel after 2 hours without charges.

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