General Tips

Printing - From Your MacOS BYOD


Important: Make sure your device is connected to TenisonWLAN wireless network


1. Click on System Preferences in the dock



2. Click on Printers and Scanners



3. Then click on the add printer + button



4. Select the printer you wish to use making sure it says 'Bonjour' on the right hand side

Check that Use: is set to Secure Airprint

5. Click Add



Your selected printer should now appear in the printers and scanners box



6. Close the printers and scanners box and print your document through the program you are using ie: Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe. This can be done through File and Print.

You will be prompted by Paper Cut for a username and password to print

7. Enter your student number and password and click OK



Your document should now print at the selected printer


If you enter an incorrect student number and / or password your mac will not show an error message, your document just won't print. If your document does not print it will say Hold for authentication. If this the case click the circular arrow and re-enter correct details.


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