General Tips

Office 365 - Adding or Changing a Language


If you want to be able to write on a Word document or PowerPoint in another language other than English follow the instructions below to install and set up an extra language for your Microsoft Office applications.


1. CLICK HERE to visit the downloads website.

2. Select the version of Office that you have on your computer and then choose the language you want. (If you got Office through the school select Newer Versions).

3. Under the selected language more information will appear along with two links. Click Download (64-bit).


4. In the bottom of your browser click the download.


5. A window will appear. Click the Yes button.

6. If you have any Office applications open it is recommended that you save your work and close them to avoid work loss. A loading window will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen. (It will be written in the language that you are installing).


7. Once this has finished loading open Microsoft Word and click File.


8. Click Options.


9. Click Language down the left-hand side of the window.


10. Next to the new language it will say Not enabled under keyboard layout. Click Not enabled.


11. Your computer settings will open. Under preferred languages click Add a language.


12. Search for your new language. Select the language and then click Next.


13. Un-check the tick box and then click Install. (If you don’t un-check the box your whole computer will be in the new language and not English).


14. Back in your word document the new language will now be Enabled. Select the new language and then click Set as Default.


15. Click Yes.


16. Under Help language select the new language and then click Set as Default. Then click OK.


17. You will be asked to restart your office program. Click OK and then close and reopen Word to get it to work.


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