General Tips

NAPLAN - Locked Down Browser Installation


All year 7 and 9 students participating in NAPLAN online must install and test the Locked Down Browser (LDB) on their BYOD laptop prior to the practice test on the 25 of March.

Year 7 and 9 students will need to be familiar with opening the Locked Down Browser before test days. If you have previously installed the LDB, installing the latest version will automatically upgrade your version. 

All 4 of the below steps MUST be completed. The estimated time for the download, install and test is only 5-10 minutes.

  1. DOWNLOAD the Locked Down Browser to your laptop
  2. INSTALL the downloaded program
  3. OPEN the Locked Down Browser, to verify you can open the program
  4. TEST using the test menu option, including sound with headphones

If you have any problems installing the Locked Down Browser, please click here to log an ICT department support ticket, email or visit the ICT department.

On test days:

  • Students devices must have a full charge, to last the duration of the test. Laptops can be charged/topped up with a correctly tested and tagged lead in the Library charging station.
  • Students must set their headphone volume level before starting the Locked Down Browser
  • Students must connect their laptop to the school wifi and confirm they can access a public website, such as before starting the Locked Down Browser
  • PDF with in class pre-test instructions

Setup steps further information:

1. Download

Select the version for your laptop using one of the below links:

Download Locked Down Browser for Windows 8 and10 (file size 40 MB)  

Download Locked Down Browser for Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks or greater (file size 3.5 MB)

Use this link to list all versions available for download - NAPLAN Online Website.

Select the version you need from this page.


2. Install

For Windows
Once the download is completed, open it from your internet browsers download tab, or from the download folder in your documents.

Download tab in Chrome browser

A set up window will appear. Tick the box to agree to the terms of the license and then select the Install button.

If another window appears asking for permission to install the program, click yes.

Wait for the installation to complete and then select finish.

For Apple Macbooks

Double click to open downloaded file

A window will appear requiring you to drag the program into the Applications folder on your computer.

Select Open, if presented with a warning about being downloaded from the internet.


3. Open the Lockdown browser

Make sure that your sound is on and working.

For WindowsDouble click the icon on your desktop to start the Locked Down Browser.
For Mac's - The program MUST be started from the 'Applications' folder icon. Search 'NAP' and double click on the NAP Locked Down Browser result.

Or open the applications folder and locate NAP

Your screen will go black for some seconds and a small window will appear in the center of your computer. Wait until another window appears that notifies you that any other programs that you have open will be closed.
Select 'OK' to close any open programs.


If you see the main menu, The NAPLAN Locked Down Browser is ready to test/use.


4. Test

Open the program has opened, select the 'Device Check (without login)' button, then 'Naplan 2019' in the main menu and complete the steps shown on the page. Please test with headphones to confirm sound works ok.

To exit the lockdown browser, scroll down and there is a cross in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

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