General Tips

Linewize - Windows 10 Setup


There are two processes you must go through to fully set up Family Zone on your BYOD. First there is installing the Family Zone certificate on your device from home. Second is downloading and activating Mobile Zone onto your device at school.

1. Download the Family Zone certificate at home

1. Go to the certificate install link here.

2. Click on “Other”

3. Click on “Download .cer file”

4.Open the download

5. Click “Install Certificate”

6. Click “Local Machine” and then “Next”

7. Select the option that says “Place all certificates in the following store” and then click browse. The option you need to select is “Trusted root Certification Authorities”

9. Click "Finish" and you should see a small window that says that the import was successful.


2. Install Mobile Zone onto your device at school

When trying to connect to the school Wi-Fi, you may see a screen which says that you will need to install and activate Mobile Zone on your device. The screen should look similar to below.

1. From the list of option, choose "Download for Windows".  

2. Once it is downloaded, you will need to click on "Run".

3. When a blue screen appears, you will need to click on "Run" again

4. There will be 3 screens that follow, click "Next" on all 3 screens, and Mobile Zone will begin to install.

5. The final screen that you will see will say "Setup has finished installing Mobile Zone on your computer" and on this screen you need to click "Finish".

6. You can check which account Mobile Zone is using by clickin on the up arrow in the bottom right hand (in your task bar) and then clicking on the Family Zone logo.

You have now successfully set up Family Zone for your BYOD.

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