General Tips

How to - Use SEQTA Learn


SEQTA is a web based information system used by students and staff at Tenison Woods College that is accessible on school computers, BYOD or via the internet. It is the central location for all students and staff to access their timetables, notices, assessments and more!

The above image shows the standard dashboard for SEQTA Learn and is what students will see as they open up their account.

Welcome (Red):

This is the default page students will see when they open up SEQTA Learn. It takes them to the Portal@TWC page for quick easy access to links such as Studiosity, emails and more. 


Assessments (Orange):

This is where students can access and view all upcoming or previous assessment tasks with results.


Courses (Yellow): 

This is where students can view all their timetabled subjects and lesson outlines.


Dashboard (Green):

The dashboard shows students a quick view of their timetable, any homework tasks they have been set, personal notes they have added and a task list. The dashboard is customisable to what the students would like to view.


Direqt Messages (Blue):

Direqt messages is a messaging system where students can contact staff and other students via there dashboard rather than having to login and send emails.


Notices (Purple):

This is the daily notices for the students to be able to access.


Portals (Pink):

The Portal gives students access to links from the TWC website as well as quick links to other websites and/or documents they may need access to. 


Reports (Grey):

This is where students can access their school reports.


Timetable (Black):

This is where students have access to their full, weekly timetable.


If you run into any issues, please see or contact the TWC ICT Department. You can log a support ticket through the TWC Portal Page. (See Page).


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