General Tips

How to - Narrow your Google search


Did you know that most search engines have built-in shortcuts and tools to narrow your search and get more accurate responses?


Google, for example, has many advanced tools to narrow your results. 

Seen below are just the tip of the iceberg for tools. 

Basic Google tools


1. No tools (cat chasing dog).


2. Quotations ("cat chasing dog").


3. Quotations and removing term ("cat chasing dog" -play).



Using the advanced search features

1. Navigate to and complete your basic search

2. Press on the settings button.


3. Navigate to the advanced settings option.


You will see this menu (is subject to change, current as of 4/6/2021).



Other points

  • On another most devices and school computers there is no need to search from the Google page itself.
  • To search, just type your search query into the address window at the top of your internet browser.


If you run into any issues, please see or contact the TWC ICT Department. You can log a support ticket through the TWC Portal Page. (See Page).


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