General Tips

How to - Manage Spam Emails


If you are recieving unwanted or spam emails via your school email account there is an easy way to add them to your emails. Please follow the steps below.

​Step 1:

​Select the email that you wish to remove from your inbox and shift into your junk folder.


Step 2:

Along the tab bar near the top of the page select the Junk button to get a drop down menu.

​Step 3:

In the drop down menu select the word Junk to move it to the junk folder.


Step 4:

​After selecting the Junk button the following window will appear. Then select the Don't report button and it will be successfully added to the junk folder.

If you accidently send the wrong email to the junk folder you can retrieve it. 

Select the email you wish to retrieve and  then select the not junk tab at the top of the page.

Then Select the Not Junk button in the drop down menu.


This will bring up and small window where you need to select the Don't Report button. You should then be able to see the email back in your inbox or the folder it was moved out of.


If you believe your account has been compromised, please see or contact the TWC ICT Department. You can log a support ticket through the TWC Portal Page. (See Page).


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