General Tips

Connecting to the 'TenisonWLAN' wireless/WiFi network



Updated 4/6/2021

*Pre-note* the steps are the same for any wireless device (phone/tablet/laptop).


Before you start - Ensure your device has the correct date and time. You can check this here or see how to do it on these in-depth guides for most devices.


To connect:

  • Connect to the 'TenisonWLAN’ wireless network. 
  • Enter your school account login and password that you use to log into school computers. If you are new to TWC or have forgotten, ask your teacher or the TWC ICT Department.
  • You may receive a warning to 'Trust' a certificate (iPads and Macbooks can present this).
    Select 'Trust'
  • There may be a short delay before the school's internet filter collects your login details and enables your access.

You should now be connected to the internet. For further instructon, continue onto ‘Windows 10 devices’ and ‘Troubleshooting’ below.


​Windows 10 devices

Setup with assistance from the ICT Department

  • Connect to TenisonWLAN network.
  • Enter login creditentials through prompt.
  • Open web-browser and navigate to portal page (
  • Login through Office 365 prompt.

At this point, the local page (SEQTA and Portal@TWC) should work fine. If you have any issues, navigate to the 'Troubleshooting' steps at the bottom of this page.



  • Connect to TenisonWLAN
  • Select PEAP
  • Select the 'drop-down' dialogue to ignore certificate
  • Enter username and password (same as the one that you use to log into school computers).  If you are new to TWC or have forgotten, ask your teacher or the TWC ICT Department.



  • If you find the internet is not connected after a minute, turning  'Airplane mode'  on then off or disabling/re-enabling wireless will re-connect your account to the internet.
  • Forgetting and re-adding the network also deletes any saved credidentials and cache. You can do this by following this in-depth guide.

If in doubt, see your teacher or TWC ICT Department for further/advanced assistance.

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