Sustainability at Tenison Woods College



Tenison Woods College's namesake, Father Julian Tenison Woods was a well-respected geologist, botanist, explorer and educator. Fr Julian understood the deep links that environment, faith and education played on one another. Fr Julian’s attentiveness to God’s creative presence in the world around him led him to understand the interconnectedness of all things.   

Tenison Woods College has a deep and long term commitment to sustainability. From the learning that takes place in the classroom, to the opportunities and experiences provided to students, we understand the important role the entire community plays in a sustainable future. We believe that it is only through a connected community that sustainability can be successful, which is why we are constantly partnering with local, national, and international organisations to further the impact and ultimately, improve the world our young people will inherit. Our commitment to ecological conversion and sustainability is also an expression of our Catholic identity; to stand with the poorest in our society, walking tenderly and living justly for the benefit of our human family. 

As individuals, communities or organisations, we recognise that we all have a responsibility to take sustainable action to ensure our local and global resources, environment and climate can adequately support the needs of future generations.


In 2018, we identified six pillars upon which the strategy in our College community is based. Please click below to find out more about each pillar.





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Sustainability around the College

Tenison Woods College respectfully acknowledges the Boandik people are the First Nations people of the Mount Gambier South Eastern region of South Australia and pay respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, past, present and emerging.