International Students

Tenison Woods College is a popular destination for International Students as it offers an excellent academic program in a safe, clean and beautiful environment.

Tenison Woods College offers Homestay accommodation to international students, providing the opportunity to live with an Australian family. Living in an Australian home allows students the unique opportunity to experience the Australian culture first hand, to practise and improve their English language skills and to make new friends.

The International Homestay Program at Tenison Woods College provides students with a safe, warm and friendly family environment. Living with a new family in a culture that may be very different from the student’s own family can sometimes be a challenging process. Tenison Woods College employs a Homestay Coordinator, Mrs Annie Clifford who ensures that all International Students settle in quickly and form a friendly, happy relationship with their Homestay family.

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International Student Brochure - English Version

International Student Brochure - Chinese Version


To enrol: Please refer to the International Student Enrolment form and International Student Policies and Procedures. 

International Students Policies and Procedures

International Student Application for Enrolment



About Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier, the ‘Blue Lake City’, is South Australia’s second largest city. Located midway between the major capital cities of Melbourne and Adelaide, set amidst a unique and ancient landscape of volcanic craters, lakes, caves and mysterious underground aquifers.

Mount Gambier, with a population approaching 24,000 people, is the regional centre for South East South Australia and Western Districts of Victoria, servicing the commercial, retail, social, sporting and cultural needs of the region.

With a diverse and stable economic base, the Mount Gambier region is one of the most significant contributors to the South Australian economy in both export and local income.

Mount Gambier – ‘the best of the city in the heart of the country’.

For further information about Mount Gambier, visit the following links:


3.12.1 SSS Orientation Program
3.12.4 Critical Incident Management
3.13.1 Student Transfer Policy & Forms
3.14.1 Complaint-Appeals letter templates
3.14.1 Complaints & Appeals Form
3.16.4 & 3.16.6 Targetted ESL Support
3.18 Course Credit Application Form Part 1
3.18 Course Credit Application Form Part 2
3.19 Corrective Action Record
3.19 Deferment-Suspension-Cancellation-Extension-Review-Form
3.20.3 Organisational Structure 2021
3.20.6 CRICOS Provider Details

Tenison Woods College respectfully acknowledges the Boandik people are the First Nations people of the Mount Gambier South Eastern region of South Australia and pay respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, past, present and emerging.