Homestay Boarding


A Home Away from Home

The Tenison Woods College Homestay Program caters for regional, interstate and international students who are living away from their families while studying at Tenison Woods College.

Homestay is where students stay with a local family who is registered to provide accommodation for students. These families and their homes have been carefully assessed by our specialised staff at Tenison Woods College to ensure that an appropriate and safe environment will be provided.

This program aims to create a home away from home with an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance. It is also important to recognise that it is a partnership between the College the homestay student, their parents and the host family. Tenison Woods College and the host family share the responsibility of not only meeting the students living needs, but also providing a supportive, secure and family friendly atmosphere.

During the entire period of the home stay, the Coordinator closely monitors the arrangement in order to ascertain that the student and family are well-suited and compatible. A well-supervised program ensures a trouble free one for all concerned and in the past students have had wonderful experiences being welcomed into the homes and lives of local families.

There are a number of Homestay Accommodation options that host families can provide, including:

  • Weekly (Regional student)
  • School term (Interstate)
  • Long term (International)
  • Study tours (2-10 weeks duration)

By educating students in the South East region of South Australia, our communities benefit greatly from enabling them to maintain their family links as well as maintaining active participation in their local sporting and cultural programs. Additionally such students can gain extra points to their ATAR score at some tertiary institutions for being educated in a rural school.


Application Procedure

When sourcing homestay providers, the College uses the Host Family Application Form together with the Homestay Student Application Form to ensure that both students and host families are suitably matched. To ensure good outcomes families wishing to become homestay providers go through an application and screening process ensuring they meet the requirements of the College, which is dedicated to delivering the highest possible service to ensure that students have an enjoyable and productive educational experience in a pleasant environment.

Homestay Policy and Procedures
Homestay Family Registration Form
Homestay Student Registration Form 

What a Host Family Provides

The responsibility of a host family is to ensure the wellbeing of the host student’s emotional, intellectual and physical needs.

Homestay accommodation will include a separate bedroom containing adequate furnishings. The bedroom is recognised as a private area for the homestay student, however house rules regarding cleanliness apply and students are required to keep their room clean and tidy.

Host families provide all meals for the duration of the students stay with the host family.

The Homestay family is also asked to provide reasonable access to transport to and from school and on weekends.



The cost of Homestay can vary depending on the duration and type of Homestay Accommodation selected.

If you would like further information regarding the Homestay options available, please contact Yolande Langford at

Tenison Woods College respectfully acknowledges the Boandik people are the First Nations people of the Mount Gambier South Eastern region of South Australia and pay respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, past, present and emerging.