General Tips


Answers to some commonly asked questions:

  1. BYOD Minimum device guidelines (article)
    Device recommendations and what will work at school.
  2. Device purchase portal (article)
    Choose a device from a page of recommendations at education pricing.
  3. Setting up your device (article)
    Steps to setup your purchase.
  4. Download your copy of Microsoft Office (article)
    You will need to install office on your device for use at school.
  5. How to check your print balance (article)
    Information about your provided printing allowance.
  6. School support for BYOD problems (article)
    Support for your device.
  7. School file formats, sending to others and file sizes (article)
    ​File types to use when submitting work to teachers.
  8. Using battery saver to maximise battery life at school. (article)
    Tips from the manufacturers to help your device last the day.