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Donations for Cambodia


Recently retired Poplars Manager, Gill Clayfield, is collecting used clean underwear, summer clothing and small toys for a poor Cambodian Village. Underwear is a luxury that many in Cambodia cannot afford. Rather than discard outgrown underwear, why not donate to those who really need it. Gill is collecting underwear for both boys and girls, as well as t-shirts, shorts and summer clothing for all children up to teenagers. If anyone has used toys (not games) such as cars, trucks, dolls, balls, skipping ropes etc. these items will also be accepted.

Donations of new underwear will also be accepted, but the main intent is to collect good used underwear and clothing so that it is not discarded, but rather put to good use.  If there are excess donations, they will go to a neighbouring village. 

All donations will be taken to Cambodia and delivered personally to a village where there is a desperate need for these day-to-day items.

Donations can be left at the Tenison Woods College Front Office up until the end of March.