General Tips

Resetting Your Password


As a TWC student, you can change your school account password from any device, regardless where you are connected to the internet.

Here are 3 simple ways to change it yourself, with instructions below.

*Pre-note: These 3 methods require you know your old password.*


  • Office 365 (Reccomended Method).
  • Foldr.
  • A School Computer.


What if I don't know my old password?




  • You can reset it Via Office 365 using the Self-Service Reset Tool (Reccomended Method)*Note: A recovery method must be setup prior to using this method*. (See Setup Article).
  • Foldr has the ability to setup a recovery email. *Note: A recovery email must be setup prior to using this method*. (See Article)
  • TWC teachers have a desktop tool to reset it for you. You can also visit the ICT Department or log a Support Ticket Via the Portal Page (See Page).


Change Password Via. Office 365.

*Note: The TWC ICT Department reccomends this method of password*.


1. Open the Office 365 login page - (See Page).


2. (If prompted) login with TWC school credentials.


3. Change password in field by entering your previous and choosing a new one.


Change Password Via. Foldr.


1. Open My Files-Foldr from the TWC Portal Page.


2. Log in using school account credientials.


3. Click on the icon which is labelled Me and then choose the option saying change password



4. Enter in old password and create a new one


Change Password Via. School Computers. 

*Pre-note: This process still works for Remote XenApp sessions (will be discontinued EoL in Q4 2022).*


1. Find the Password Change icon on the desktop OR use Ctrl + Alt + Delete.


2. Out of the four options select change password.


3. Enter in previous password and create a new one.


*Post-Note: If you run into any issues or have trouble entering/resetting your TWC school account password, please see a teacher or visit the TWC ICT Department for assistance.*

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