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Be CyberSmart! Online safety information for Parents and Students


These websites are great resources for parents, students and teachers to learn about using the 'Internet of Things' safely and also provide pathways to notify the eSafety authorities.


Information for Parents and Carers


Offered by Familyzone and Y-safe, this is a school provided service covering cyber safety and digital awareness. Families can also investigate a 'family pack' on the site, containing tools to manage their children's online exposure. 

Information includes a parent quiz, current app articles and information from cyber experts about the common issues and questions raised by using technology. Parents can also request an article if the topic is not covered. The 'Parent Advice- I need help' tab includes methods to report incidents to popular social media platforms.

If you would like to contact a school counsellor please email cybersafe@tenison.catholic.edu.au 


Reporting  Abuse

esafety.gov.au     The eSafety Commissioner (eSafety) is Australia's independent regulator for online safety, dedicated to keeping people safer online. One-Stop government provided cybersafety information for all, it includes tools to report abuse and fast track removal of images from websites, meaning eSafety should be your first step to report if you have been subjected to cyber abuse.

eSafety can quickly investigate posts, comments, chats, texts, messages, emails, memes, livestreams, images or videos and once reported, has a very high and fast removal rate through their direct links to content providers and social media companies Direct link to report page


Cybersafety links


Tenison Woods College is recognised as an eSmart school and uses the foundations Digital Licence+ experience.




Explains online risks, with methods to identify problems and create safe online habits.



Headspace is an excellent counselling service that provides support for a variety of issues, including cybersafety. Headspace maintains a local presence within Mount Gambier and the above link will display their address and contact information.

Learning resources

App facts and Screen-time    Some interesting facts about common apps used by parents and students. 

Raisingchildren.net.au    An excellent resource to help raise children in today's online world. The link points directly to the 'Teens' section of the website.

To utilise technology and ICT services at Tenison Woods College, students must abide by the ICT policies located on the school's website.



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