What is a XenDesktop ‘virtual computer/pc’?

A ‘virtual computer’ provides an individual computer experience to users, even though it is not actually operating on the device the user is sitting at. Instead the virtual computer operates from a large central pool of desktops located on the school’s servers which the user can easily access i.e. via computer, iPad etc..

Why Xendesktop, or a virtual computer, rather than giving students a physical machine?

It’s all about flexibility…… By downloading a small software program, Xendesktop virtual pc’s can be accessed by most computers at school or at home via a broadband internet connection.

How does it work?

TWC computers and students personal laptops can use the virtual computers during the day, then after hours the same virtual computers will be re-tasked to allow students to work from home. This allows for a consistent computer experience at school and home with the added ability to transfer files without using email. Centrally managed program updates ensure software can be easily rolled out to all virtual computers with immediate effect. An added benefit is that the virtual computers are not specific to a certain year level and can be accessed by all senior students. To access Xendesktop from home, a broadband or fast internet connection is necessary to connect to the school servers. Successful tests have been completed using 3G USB sticks, satellite and DSL/ADSL connections.

If you have any more questions about Xendesktop, please click here to send an email to the Tenison IT team via itsupport@tenison.catholic.edu.au .