Middle School Community 6 – 9

Building on Excellence

The Middle School nurtures young adolescents as they make their transition into young adulthood.

Students in Year 6 to 9 have access to state-of-the-art facilities to develop their academic and social skills within a safe and supportive learning community.

The Middle School includes strong pastoral care and support, creative and innovative learning opportunities, hands on learning using a large range of specialist facilities.

The curriculum incorporates problem-based learning with a focus on preparing students for the future and equipping them with life skills. To help each student achieve their best, we use a team-based approach involving parents, carers, teachers, counsellors and the students themselves.

Students are encouraged to develop their own learning programs, so they acquire the values essential in their future careers and study.

Our teachers provide a safe and caring environment within the Catholic tradition, with students developing personal responsibility.

For further information about the Middle School curriculum, please see the relevant handbook below:

Year 6-7 Handbook 
Year 8-9 Handbook 

For information about how to enrol in the Middle School contact the Enrolment Registrar.