High Performance Sports Program

The High Performance Sports Program (HPSP) is a Year 8 -12 program aimed at supporting and developing highly talented athletes in their chosen sporting fields.

The course combines the study requirements of daily academics with the training and development of the student’s practical talents.

The High Performance Sports Program is a multi-sport program that will provide students with opportunities to improve their practical skills and knowledge of their chosen sport but will also develop their professionalism in off-field related topics such as sport psychology, nutrition, data analytics, bio-mechanical movements, weight training and recovery methods. Together with academic expectations, students will be exposed to weight programs, individual training and case-management sessions, team workout sessions and strategy development.

Students can only enter this course through application. Please contact High Performance Sports Coordinator Kate Exelby at the College for more details on the application process or complete the relevant. 

Click Here for HPSP 2020 Year 8 Application Form

Click Here for HPSP 2020 Year 9-11 Application Form