James Lucas

I come from a family of 5; my Mother Tanya, my Father Colin and two older sisters Alex and Victoria - who were both past scholars at Tenison Woods College.

I first started my journey at the College in 2015 when I moved from St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School in Millicent, to Tenison Woods College as a year eight student. The move from a small primary school with roughly 50 people in one-year level to a huge 150 people in the one-year level was a massive transition but I can proudly say that I did adjust to such a big school. I am a proud student. I wear my school uniform with pride and have a large amount of respect for my peers and teachers.

I am very goal-orientated and put my heart and soul into all my schooling and outside activities. I play football for the Tantanoola Tigers, Basketball for the Millicent Magic and enjoy other activities including running, bike riding, water skiing and fishing.

After the completion of my final year at Tenison Woods College, I aim to study as a Doctor of Medicine at university in 2020.

My goals as College Captain include; forming connecting relationships with the senior, middle and junior school, bringing back the chicken salt in the sugar loaf and finally making this year as fun and enjoyable as we can!

I look forward to working with my co-captain, Emily Turley and with the other school leaders and staff to achieve our intended goals for 2019.