College Captains

Lauren Holmes
Female 2017 College Captain

To me, being school captain is more than wearing a badge, it’s about upholding the College’s values, it's Christian beliefs and representing what Tenison Woods College stands for at every opportunity. It’s about representing the students, teachers and the community we live in. I would like to always represent Tenison Woods College in a positive and passionate manner. 

From the beginning of my school life I have always enjoyed being an active part of our school community by being involved in roles on the SRC, at St Vincent de Paul and on other committees. I always extend myself to achieve my highest academic standard and have been lucky enough to receive certificates of academic excellence and a Shining Light award. 

I have a strong sense of pride in Tenison Woods College, being the third generation of my family to attend the school. I feel very proud to have the Barrie Holmes stadium named after my late grandfather. My great, great, great grandmother Annie Bruce (of the Pinchunga tribe) was one of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop’s first students, giving me a sense of belonging to our school, to the church, and to the community.

It is an honour to represent my College, it’s traditions, the students and the church.


Jordan Gould
Male 2017 College Captain

As school captain, it’s is my opportunity to continue to lead and maintain the high standards and good reputation that Tenison Woods College has in the South East.

I want to continue Tenison’s winning ways in all aspects of the school, whether that be in sport, academics, music/arts and debating. Personally I want to leave my footprint on the college in the same way as the school captains of the past have.

Throughout my time at the College, I have received academic awards and have also been selected in many sporting teams. In Year 8 and Year 9 I received the Shining Light award for extracurricular participation along with the Lion’s Club Graduate of the Year award in Year 9. In sport, I have been lucky enough to be selected in many basketball teams and have also played in the Cardijn exchange in Years 10 and 11.

I am involved in many out of school activities and I am most often seen down at the Millicent basketball stadium. I volunteer in all aspects of the sport including coaching, umpiring and just generally helping around the place. I enjoy this experience as I get the opportunity to work with younger kids in the town to help improve their basketball skills, while building friendships.