College Captains

Evangelia Wichmann
Female 2018 College Captain

Having attended Tenison Woods College my whole student life, I know what an honour and privilege it is to be School Captain at this school. The opportunities and support available for all of us are incredible and I am proud and grateful to be a student here.

I was born in Germany at the start of the new millennium and have seen other parts of the world to know how lucky we are to live in such a free and open country. I dance and act after school and spend my free time debating, cooking, playing music, learning languages and spending time with animals. I have been interested in a student leadership role since I started in reception. I joined as many committees as possible (including all sub-school student councils, social justice, debating, shine media) and I have always loved contributing ideas to improve our school community.

Having been given the opportunity to represent the student body this year, I would like to ensure that every student can enjoy their schooling experience and make the most of all the opportunities this school offers them. I would love to spread the faith I have, especially in the year of youth, and start closing the gaps between year levels to make Tenison Woods College a big unified cohort.

I am very interested in helping the poor and needy in our community as well as globally. I believe that we have so much, that we often turn a blind eye to those who can only dream of receiving regular food, safe shelter and education. Once we work together for a better future for all, we can create a change and Tenison Woods College provides us with the tools to do this - we only need to use them.

Daniel and I are working together to make this year a special one for students and teachers at the College. We represent this school with pride and highly respect what it stands for and want to show this when we lead in 2018.



Daniel Ker
Male 2018 College Captain

I have attended Tenison Woods College since Year 8 and before that I went to a small school in Naracoorte. I have lived in Naracoorte and Lucindale and travelled via bus each day over the years, in order to attend school.

Having been born and raised in a small country town I have worked from the early age of eleven. Jobs included working at a bakery, a butcher shop, Woolworths and now a farm. I am always keen to work on any day that I have off from school. Working at such a young age I have gained many skills that have helped me throughout the years. 

As a child my parents opened up our home to being a foster family. I was raised with children that are less fortunate and have been through more than any child should ever be exposed to. This harsh reality of what the world is really like made me see how lucky we are. As a result of this, my family and I have always been a strong believer in helping out children, a safe home to live in, love, guidance and boundaries are vital for the growth and development of a child.

Thinking back now, the idea of being school captain didn’t seem like a possibility. I was just a small country boy in a world bigger that what was first anticipated.

Over the years at Tenison Woods College, I have learned many valuable skills that have given me the confidence to take on such a challenge and I realise and look forward to learning many more skills over 2018. 

As School Captain I am excited to work with Evangelia throughout the year and make this a year to remember for both students and teachers.