Feeder Schools

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Lower South East Combined Catholic Schools Association includes Tenison Woods College, St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School in Millicent and Mary MacKillop Catholic Primary School in Penola.

Tenison Woods College accepts Year 8 students from St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School and Mary MacKillop Catholic Primary School.


A network of Catholic (school) communities in the South East that celebrates its unity as well as its diversity.


  • Creating formative experiences inspired by Catholic faith.
  • Developing and distributing resources for sustainable learning environments.
  • Strengthening parish, school, family partnerships which realise our mission in the South East Deanery.
  • Engaging educational partnerships to achieve the best learning outcomes for young people.
  • Responding to families’ needs to access current and future Catholic Education.
  • Harnessing our capabilities to meet the unique needs of our Regional community.


St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School 

37 Mt Gambier Road


South Australia 5280

Phone: (08) 8733 3479

Email: info@sta.catholic.edu.au


Mary MacKillop Memorial School 

5 Portland Street


South Australia

Phone: (08) 8737 2902

E-mail: info@mmms.catholic.edu.au